domingo, 17 de octubre de 2010


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-Philosophy is useful because it allows the development of rationality by continuing questions we ask ourselves in the diverse circumstances of our lives.
-Philosophy is useful for acquiring knowledge, the person who thinks and philosophy, is always seeking to explore and learn, and that's always beneficial, because it warns us about what can happen.
-It is through philosophy that human beings realize the great treasure that is his own mind.
-The person who thinks philosophically realizes that everything that gives us the world of the senses has limitations and dissatisfactions and there is a world beyond that would allow us to rise to a higher level of thinking.
-Philosophy allows us to acquire empathy, you can understand more clearly the problems of self and others, it handles better the circumstances and is better prepared emotionally for the future.
-Philosophy as a science and art of thinking we can get away from the stupidity and wickedness so ingrained in the collective minds.
-The being human who learns to think, to know how useful are the concepts of past philosophers, since there can extracted their own criteria by which to guide his life properly.
-The fact that a person constantly philosophize, opening grooves of clarity in the mind, which in turn fall asleep in the minds totally given to the world of appearances.
-Understand the true meaning of life can only be achieved by developing the mind. The mind evolves through healthy ideas are the result of ongoing reflective analysis, these ideas should be the philosophy of life for everyone.
-The genuine and beneficial philosophy is that one learns from the knowledge of the own reality contrasted with the outside.
-The philosophy that we learn from books and schools, it is useful, but the truly transcendent personal philosophy is that we grow through trust and knowledge.
-The philosophy allows us to focus life with a vision more calm of the things in the world around us, although the process to achieve a philosophical mind can be at the beginning, a path of anguish, doubts and uncertainties, the final will be worth it, because over time, the cultivated mind is going to provide the necessary resources to fully develop our potential in any field and thus be more prepared for the challenges of life.
-The man who uses the knowledge that gives philosophy, not is content with satisfaction of basic needs. He seeks to understand the world and the circumstances of his life to discover its own reason for being, because find their own reason for being mean to find happiness.



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Every time is more alarmingly the increasing number of people who are not masters of their will and try to deceive themselves talking about freedoms and filling the mouth of justifications for using drugs.
I have no doubt that most people who promote the idea of legalizing drugs are people who are completely surrendered to their own weaknesses.
They may try to justify saying that it would fight more effectively and drug trafficking can talk about the right to freedom of choice for adult people. All these are arguments as a smokescreen to hide their true motivation: free drugs without having to hide it, without feeling shame.
And of course, for these people weak-willed to the vice, legalizing drugs would be wonderful,no one could judge and could obtain the drug each time they want and facilities, and they would not have to go looking for his addiction to hidden places and sordid, but could get it at pharmacies.
Heard about the last time a known TV entertainer of Peru, say something like this: "It is good to have libertarian ideas about legalizing drugs," the entertainer said sometimes it is "not a bad smoke marijuana to relax."
Such material is not to attract the young, nor adults have more problems should love themselves and not self-destruct.
The search for states of euphoria to combat anxiety and stress that often humans are exposed in daily life, seem to some, the rationale for using drugs.
Drugs are gradually sapping our energies, do not be fooled into thinking that soft drugs like marijuana are harmless, someone had put a soft because it provides a state of arousal that aggressiveness does not seem to generate. What these apologists say no vice, is that marijuana is a substance that is not easily eliminated from the body and that frequent consumption over time can cause severe damage to the lungs, kidneys, liver and brain obviously.
Drugs are gradually sapping our energies, do not be fooled into thinking that soft drugs like marijuana are harmless, someone thought to name him "soft" because it gives you an excited state that does not involve aggression, but do not say these apologists of vice, is that marijuana is a substance that is not easily eliminated from the body which over time can cause severe damage to the lungs, kidneys, liver and brain obviously.
The issue is also to start using marijuana, expose a person to go a little further, and that's where you'll find millions of cases of people who went from marijuana to cocaine, with consequent deterioration not only their bodies but a lack of willingness to conduct more and more, which is directly proportional to the increased frequency of drug use over time.
The states of euphoria, joy, relaxation, they can all be achieved through auto-suggestion, with the power of the mind of the individual. A smart person knows that you can relax without drugs.
There is no need at all intoxicated with such drugs, soft or even less hard. In the case of marijuana or cannabis, only to say that the burnt grass, it's just crap.

miércoles, 18 de agosto de 2010


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1.-The stupid people are not aware that they are stupid, and this is one more reason why they are extremely dangerous because are unpredictable.
2.- People are not stupid always underestimate the power of causing damage that can lead to stupid people.
3.-The probability that a person be stupid is independent of any other property of the person. Can be found at any level of social status or education. Among the more talented and more ignorant can be stupid.
4.-In the world there are many more stupid that people think.
5.-Stupid people in general are very impressionable people (simpletons), when they see an image that impresses them, salivate excessively and may stay with their mouths open and eyes lost (catatonic state).
6.-Stupid people spread their stupidity associated with them can be a very expensive cost.
7.-In each of us that we are intelligent people there is always a factor of stupidity that is always larger than we assume.
8.-A stupid person is prejudiced, impulsive, impressionable and susceptible to a greater extent that a reasonable person.
9.-Stupid people, judge others by physical appearance before they look at other aspects.
10.-It is worthwhile to reiterate, the condition of stupid is independent of any other property of the person, therefore, a person purporting to be the most noble or considered genius in science, can potentially be a stupid that it only requires certain circumstances to show that as it is.


viernes, 7 de mayo de 2010


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When you feel sad
because certain memories overwhelm you
better evokes the look and sweet gesture
that one day someone gave you.

When you feel sad
because of loneliness is all around you
remember that there will always be a shoulder
to comfort you and make you smile.

When you feel sad
because you think you do not love you
Remember that your sad soul
will be transmuted into bright spirit.

When you feel sad
and think your life is not heading quietly
look within yourself
and find your true reason for being.

When you feel sad
because they hurt you
think about your healthy conscience
that only knows how to give and love.

When you feel sad
Reveal Yourself!
and you will be able to return to hell in paradise,
you can create an inspirational dissatisfaction.

When you feel sad
think of the great challenge of Existence
lift up your eyes to heaven
and look at the winner.

When you feel sad
exploits the grief
there is the seed
of your future happiness.

Yes, you can!
return to smile ...
I know that you will succeed.


sábado, 10 de abril de 2010


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Fear is a natural feeling of alarm among human beings that allows warning of danger, in that sense the fear is a positive emotion because we can protect people, events and circumstances

Fear is negative when you can return phobia, that is, when you build immobility and isolation. Overcoming fear and phobia takes time, it is essential to introspection or internal inspection of the root of these fears in order to cope.

Perhaps the root of the phobia is in infancy, or perhaps some event of our lives that has severely affected the subconscious, perhaps much more than you might think, in any case we need to identify where it comes from evil. Once we are convinced that this is, proceed to address these fears.

Here some statements about the fear that must be taken into account:

-Fear is inherent in human beings, born of instinct and grows with the knowledge of our environment.
-There is a fear that is positive and a fear that is negative.
-Overcoming the fear begins to identify it and then try to defeat him.
-Fear causes paralysis negative.
-Overcoming the paralyzing fear requires an appropriate mood.
-To begin to defeat the fear should be treated as a challenge to overcome and not as a cross to bear.
-Do not do anything to defeat fear is to fall into cowardice.
-Every human being always feels fear at some point in their lives.
-Who never feel afraid or not think about it, is ignorant and irresponsible.
-A smart person always feel afraid, but knows how to handle this fear, confronts him and tries to beat him.