lunes, 31 de enero de 2011


enero 31, 2011 8

When it's time to say goodbye to the person you love is always a time of sadness and regret. However, over time, which is gratifying to know that you have been smart enough to finish the best possible way with that person with whom we shared beautiful moments, unlike of course, many couples end up quarreling and hating.
When you have an independent mind and lucid, you have the option to bring out the best in you and you are able to understand and accept that sometimes life's circumstances precipitated the end of something that might be a beautiful story yet.
When the factual, says that something is over, the person who has a clear mind must always ensure that everything runs on good terms and that things are in a unique friendship with the sincere hope that that person is loved will go as smoothly as possible, thanking you for the unforgettable moments. If you are noble, and intelligent you think so, otherwise if you are selfish and spiteful will be very difficult to assimilate this idea.
You can never rule out that love is reborn, but it should be spontaneous, without forcing anything, so time will tell. But if things do not change, knowing how beautiful is noble enough for a sincere desire "to be happy" to that special someone will always remember and that was part of your happiness.

I leave you with an appropriate song for the theme of the post.