octubre 2009 - EL ENFOQUE CORRECTO

sábado, 17 de octubre de 2009


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Houel dice:

Hay una condición para poder aprovechar toda la ayuda que el universo te envía: es que inevitablemente te involucres en tu búsqueda.

Involucrados significa inevitablemente crear una situación irreversible. Si no es irreversible, siempre puedes volver a tu estado anterior. 

Una parte de tu energía te empuja hacia tu visión, mientras que otra parte te empuja hacia atrás.

Una vez que hayas dado el paso, definitivamente en tu apuesta, habiendo abandonado toda posibilidad de devolución, la Providencia te acompañará.

Muchas veces te han dicho que la Providencia vendrá en tu ayuda. Pero, ¿qué es la Providencia y cómo te ayuda?

La primera verdad del asunto es que al crear una visión utópica de tu situación actual, te inventas un problema incómodo. Mientras mantienes esa visión, la quieres más que otra cosa y tu situación actual se vuelve insoportable.

La buena noticia es que esta distancia entre tu realidad y tu sueño provoca en ti una tensión que potenciará tu energía y creatividad más allá de lo que puedas imaginar. Debido a este desacuerdo, esta lucha interna te permitirá encontrar recursos que de otra manera ni siquiera habría alegado.

Esta Providencia hace que tú sientas que te falta ese algo que finalmente es el fin de tu existencia.

Hay otra manifestación de la Providencia que es más misteriosa. Es, por ejemplo, lo que sucede cuando una persona que no tiene un centavo para financiar el viaje que sueña y de pronto,  encuentra un bote lleno de monedas de plata enterrado en su jardín.

Al escribir tus objetivos es fundamental, ilustrarlos con imágenes, nutrirlos con toda la fuerza de tu imaginación. Uno de los efectos de esta imagen mental es poner la energía actual a tu favor con expectativa aun cuando no puedas saber cuándo te dará el empujón decisivo.

Sobre el terreno, cualquier creación humana que no haya sido creada puede existir dos veces: primero en la imaginación de alguien, el segundo en el mundo físico.

No puedes saber antes, cuánto tiempo y cuánto trabajo va a demandar la realización de tu visión. 

Lo cierto es que debes estar dispuesto a mantener tu esfuerzo, sea lo que sea que desees con todo tu corazón, ya que la Providencia a veces permite que un proyecto se complete en poco tiempo y con esfuerzo en lo que se conoce como “un milagro”.


sábado, 10 de octubre de 2009


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Sign in light of philosophical thought can be a complex task when one has been too long under the shadow of the apathy and ignorance. It is difficult if your mindset is too deeply rooted in social stereotypes and the cult of the Society for the pictures and gossip. However it is possible to access the rich philosophy that generates our mind.
Once you have it available for knowledge and you're ready to surrender to this knowledge, perhaps get to fully find out that there is a reality beyond the senses that give us, then understand what philosophy is beneficial beyond the concepts Plato scholars, pre-Socratic schools, and so on.
Understand that mostly you can benefit from the philosophy that matter, that is the knowledge of your own life, that you analyze your own experience and that of others in your environment, that philosophy of yours is genuine and is what allows you to be an observer careful of everything you see, you perceive and feel.
When you have a philosophical mind will seek care and everything you say and do and think, and will try to anticipate things that might happen.
The philosophy of mind means to have principles, values, virtues, man or woman who wants to assimilate knowledge must handle well the concepts of empathy, solidarity and mental focus. A philosophical mind is capable of putting yourself in the other and provide others with their wisdom as far as possible.
A philosophically trained mind begins with a focus on life itself, this requires a process; well as the mindset of society with its turbulence has penetrated into the innermost fiber of our subconscious mind over time, it may take a while also acquiring a mindset to achieve independently.
In the process to achieve a philosophical mind to make us truly safe people with poise, confidence and genuine authority everywhere, there will inevitably be mistakes and missteps, so you have to take it easy, there will be signals that are small victories along the way that you are traveling, those experiences along the way will help us to correct us and stimulate us to move forward on the right path is the path to our reason for being.


viernes, 9 de octubre de 2009


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How complicated for many scientists is to understand that there is a spiritual world that goes beyond the rational, such a world, of course, can not be understood through the senses.
Personally I do not accept the view of many scientists hyper-closed-minded they are about older men who have no way to rationally explain what is the soul or aura, or any supernatural occurrence, and therefore simply deny there is anything that they can not understand, but the fact that they can not explain "something" does not mean that this event or phenomenon does not exist. To believe or not spiritual or God is something each person must discover for itself.
There are no absolute truths than intolerant people who clings to science in a way so tight that it leaves no open field for other knowledge.
Science is a valuable tool, it has always been and it is, but by no means consider it a panacea or magic elixir to cure all our ignorance, evil and stupidity that has dominated mankind throughout the centuries.
The more closed-minded scientists think that God does not exist and is respected that view, the problem is when trying to create an insurmountable barrier between science and faith, antagonism that should not exist; proof that science and faith can be compatible is in studies of respectable doctors and scientists who believe in God and paranomal, an example is Brian Weiss.
A well known argument to attack the faith, is the performance of the Catholic religion as coming at least in recent times and that has a long history of atrocities and abuses that have been made in God's name.
Scientists also deny the faith or "paranormal" take advantage of that the immense number of charlatans who seek to wash people's brains to their personal interests; for these closed-minded scientists, those are good excuses to discredit those who believe that there is a world beyond the rational.
Scientists must feel very frustrated by not being able to create a device that never see or measure the soul, is that this is a utopia, the soul exists but can not measure, is immeasurable, is a substance that everything we know exists but we can not be identified by the senses which are so attached to the scientists, but there is the soul in all its splendor is real, we can perceive and feel.
The spiritual or supernatural world is real, the proof is that the soul exists. Not everything can measure, anyone can see or measure a thought? this element belongs to the world of the "invisible" or "Unmanifest" and has always been with us and with that thought is that we can understand, perceive and feel the connection of our mind with our soul.
Science says that the Universe originated from Bing Bang, this explosion is the moment of "nothingness" emerge all matter, ie the origin of the Universe. The matter so far, is a point of infinite density, which at one time "explodes" generating the expansion of matter in all directions and creating what we know as our Universe.
This theory can explain the origin of the universe, but that is not absolute, is only a laudable but insufficient attempt to learn about the great mystery of creation. Who can be sure that's the truth?
All scientists are respectable but remember we are talking about millions and millions of years and that is something unfathomable Universe, personally I think that theory is only a contribution and in regard to religion, the creation of the Universe by a God is not something from the rational that can be proved, in this direction would be valid doubt the existence of God, but recognize that proof of the existence of God is not a task that can be checked by exhaustive scientific method. Believing in God is a matter of faith that goes beyond rational analysis.
The knowledge of God in my opinion is when one ascends to a higher level of understanding, not talking about the ordinary person that is literally what it says the priest at Mass, I want to say that only God can be felt through a really independent mind that is the only one who can access knowledge beyond the rational, this happens when one develops the mind to a high level of understanding through mental focus, that way you can be able to feel the call of your own soul.
Close minded scientists, will never accept the existence of God because of pride invades, they believe they are the only ones who can uncover the absolute truths, but nobody can do that.
Do not forget that throughout history many groups of old scientists, accused of crazy to many more open-minded genius who made great discoveries for humanity.
These close-minded scientists, will lose forever the infinite knowledge that its main character is the "soul" and so will never believe that there is a spiritual world beyond the physical, for them there is only a tomb down the road, there is no hope for eternity.

Mardam´s Note
This is not a criticism of the countless scientists who have made great discoveries and achievements in the medical fields, technological, social, etc.
It's just a warning so that there is an openness to the "immaterial knowledge" beyond what the senses perceive, a spiritual world that can no longer be denied by scientists blinded by their pride. The ego that many scientists have contributed nothing to humanity, they must start by accepting the limitations of science in terms of facts that can never be fully understood.

jueves, 8 de octubre de 2009


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All living things have an energy field that surrounds us. This energy varies with the moods and the predominant type of thinking.
Even though the concept of "aura" is more about the paranormal or parapsychology, in recent decades there has been an opening from the scientific community to accept him as a subject of study, beyond, of course, the controversial Kirlian camera whose experiments and results could be explained also as part of elementary physical phenomena,for example the reaction of the air under certain voltage.
Thus the aura is defined as a field of luminous multicolored bioenergy surrounding people or objects, by way of an invisible halo, this is the prevailing concept for most people. It is thought that the aura is a representation or composition of soul vibrations or chakras, and is credited with the condition to reflect the moods or thoughts of the person, his true inner state.
Researchers in the field argue that the aura is divided into seven strata or layers that relate directly to the seven chakras. Each of these layers can be one of eleven colors of the aura. One color to repeat again, is considered the "basic color" of the person standing over life and capable of mutating only in very specific circumstances. Each basic color is associated with positive and negative qualities. Other colors of the aura, are associated with momentary inner states of the person, or a particular stage of life. It is believed that auras may be seen with the naked eye by persons endowed with a keen perception or even by ordinary people with the condition that they are persevering in practice; though some psychics like Edgar Cayce show that this ability becomes weaker with age
Dr. Valorie Hunt specialist in the field of human bio shows that bioenergy is the same as the aura but prefers not to use the word "aura" because it has been exaggerations and lies utilizations of frauds creating confusion; but that the aura exists, yes, the aura exists. Hunt said that the bioenergy encompasses the entire human being: health, emotions, learning, creativity, whatever you want. It is the field where you first have to come all the information before coming to the senses.
In fifty or a hundred years, the foundation of all education is through the field, not just through the intellect and the senses. Bioenergy is the frontier of human health. When there are disturbances in this area sooner or later be manifested in the human body.
Dr. Hunt wrote a book called "Mind Mastery Meditations" whose main message is to tell people that beyond certain meditation that relieves pain; you have to do is control and ownership of our mind, only then can change things and achieve the highest potential.

Mardam´s NOTE
The existence of the aura is a fact scientifically untestable because it challenges their laws; most people, including myself included, are confident of their existence, they feel their aura, but not perceive to see.
And it must be because such knowledge is in an upper layer for human understanding, say at the soul level, a level that must be reached by abstracting from the outside world in a personal work that each human being should find itself, that's not a work of a group of scientists in a lab that they will discover for us, as I said is personal work, apart from that all scientific research can be productive.
What I am saying even though it may seem pure subjectivity is a conclusion to which every human being can get through the perception and mind control, apart from the basics that we bring the senses.
Recall finally that the soul can not be measured. Yes, because the soul is immeasurable; but still, does anyone doubt that the soul exists?