sábado, 10 de abril de 2010


abril 10, 2010 11

Fear is a natural feeling of alarm among human beings that allows warning of danger, in that sense the fear is a positive emotion because we can protect people, events and circumstances

Fear is negative when you can return phobia, that is, when you build immobility and isolation. Overcoming fear and phobia takes time, it is essential to introspection or internal inspection of the root of these fears in order to cope.

Perhaps the root of the phobia is in infancy, or perhaps some event of our lives that has severely affected the subconscious, perhaps much more than you might think, in any case we need to identify where it comes from evil. Once we are convinced that this is, proceed to address these fears.

Here some statements about the fear that must be taken into account:

-Fear is inherent in human beings, born of instinct and grows with the knowledge of our environment.
-There is a fear that is positive and a fear that is negative.
-Overcoming the fear begins to identify it and then try to defeat him.
-Fear causes paralysis negative.
-Overcoming the paralyzing fear requires an appropriate mood.
-To begin to defeat the fear should be treated as a challenge to overcome and not as a cross to bear.
-Do not do anything to defeat fear is to fall into cowardice.
-Every human being always feels fear at some point in their lives.
-Who never feel afraid or not think about it, is ignorant and irresponsible.
-A smart person always feel afraid, but knows how to handle this fear, confronts him and tries to beat him.